Key Attributes:

  • Interpersonal Skills – able to communicate well with people on all levels
  • Self-motivated – able to take initiative and be proactive within the work environment
  • Flexible – able to adapt successfully to changing situations


Education and Qualifications-

2008-2012             Pershore High School

GCSE’s: English (A), Maths (A), Triple Science (B), Art (A), Textiles (A), Business Studies (A*), Geography (B), Religious Studies (B), IT (B)

2012-2014             Pershore Sixth Form

A-Levels: Art (B), English Language/Literature (B), Photography (B), Psychology (C), General Studies (C)

2014- Present       University of Salford

Currently studying Multimedia Journalism



Seasonal (2013-Present)      Warwickshire College, Catering Assistant

Throughout the summer of each year I join the team at Warwickshire College in Pershore to help with the catering for events during these months. We often cater for students visiting from other countries and so this job has enabled me to increase my confidence in speaking to people of other nationalities.

During my employment at the college I have obtained a Basic Food Hygiene certificate. My role within this job is to carry out basic food preparation alongside serving and catering to the needs of students/staff. Working well within a team is essential when working in a kitchen and so I adopted this skill to ensure that all was completely efficiently.

I also understand the importance of being able to work independently and I am confident in my ability to tackle any task that I am required to take on.


Spring 2015-Present        Richmond Tea Rooms, Waitress/Bartender

For the past 18 months I have worked part time at Richmond Tea Rooms in Manchester. As a waitress I am able to cater to the needs of large groups and work effectively within the restaurant to produce the highest possible quality of service. Communication is key within the hospitality industry and I am able to interact with staff and customers from all walks of life. I aim to provide top quality service and work quickly and efficiently to please all customers.

As a bartender I have also worked at a range of functions including weddings, birthdays and other events. I thrive off the fast-paced and upbeat nature of this environment and have learnt a lot from my experiences at the tea rooms.


Work experience-

November 2013      Tameside Council

Whilst at sixth form, I secured a work experience placement in the press office of Tameside Council. This was my first experience of a professional journalism environment and introduced me to the ins and outs of a press department.

I produced press releases, blog posts and magazine content covering a range of events during this placement.


November 2016-Present     I Love Manchester

During November 2016 I carried out a month of work experience with the team at I Love Manchester, Manchester’s fastest-growing online lifestyle magazine. The experience I gained during this placement was invaluable and I was able to use this experience to build upon my skills as a journalist.

I took on the role of Editorial Assistant and produced 13 articles for the website during my time there. I also contributed to the brand’s social media content and posted tweets, Facebook status’ and Instagram photos on behalf of I Love Manchester.

My skills as journalist were broaden greatly during this time as I was able to experience the production of a professional publication. I learnt from constructive criticism and improved my writing over the course of this placement to fine tune my style as a journalist.

I learnt the importance of working independently, outside of the office, and I am able to manage my time effectively in order to meet deadlines.



References available upon request.